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May to David    18 Manor Road, Beckenham, Kent. Monday. 6.10.17.

My dear David,

On Saturday I called at the dressmaker’s as arranged and she is actually going to get the dress finished by Thursday! Record.

Then I went home and was busy for the rest of the day.               Mama is heaps better, and is busy now making up that flanelette. There is nothing like work if you are down in the dumps. Have you got those three books yet. Hope so, as they will make you feel better when you study them. I am very anxious to know if that engineering book on rivers and canals suits you.

Yesterday turned out very wet, cold, with passing thunderstorms! Miss Bradfield did not turn up. We sat over the fire and read and talked. It seemed wintry enough for Christmas. I wondered what sort of as Christmas you would have. Hope you can get a little bit of cheer. Last yea I had a very quiet Christmas, but most enjoyable. Should like this year’s to be the same. There certainly seems a possibility of it being repeated.

I must tell you about a wonderful piece of surgery I have heard of. It was performed by a German doctor on one of our Tommies in Germany. His jaw, or part of it, had been blown away, and this doctor took out a rib and made him a new jaw with it. He is getting on alright. Mrs. Day told me about it.           I expect she got the news from the Hospital. She often goes down there to spend an enjoyable afternoon listening to all the dreadful cases there are. She says the German surgeons are very clever. Well, I hope the doctors are too and that they will heal you alright. When I can’t sleep I always imagine your head is bad and aching dreadfully.

We had some fun this morning. Ethel had made a tea cloth for the bazaar and valued it at two guineas. I raffled it and it brought in 62/-. It went to a temporary girl.

I cannot stop any longer. This is our busy month, so don’t expect another letter for a week. Goodbye.