May to David Beckenham. 8. 3. 18.
My dear David,
As usual I have not any news.
I had a letter from Mrs. Taylor yesterday asking me there for the weekend, but I have written to say I would be over on Sunday and stay the night. We really must work tomorrow afternoon, and in the evening I want to go to the dressmakers. On Sunday morning I want go up to the cemetery, weather permitting, as it did not permit last Sunday.
The stockings I am knitting are progressing very slowly – like your health when I have got you, – only done six inches of the first one; but I have a new book out of the library which is awfully funny, called “Sally on the Rocks”.
On the way home yesterday I called on Vi as it was her birthday, and wished her “A happy new year”. She grinned and said “I know what you mean”. Mama sent her a silk bag which she bought from the bazaar, and which has pleased Vi immensely. Georgie is in bed with a cold again; otherwise there is no news, except that Auntie has at last got a woman to help her, and so far she is a treasure. She won’t be for long, though.
I saw an awfully good drawing the other day. A majestic “Special” and a ragged urchin pushing a homemade barrow on the path. The words were “You must wheel that in the road, my boy.” “Garn; I passed a real cop down the road just now, and ‘e never said nuffink. See.”
Got four girls away, so guess I had better get on with my work. Eccles is back again at work – has been the whole week, but he does not at all well.
Goodbye. May.
P.S. I am always wondering what you are doing all day, but suppose you are not allowed to say.