May to David Beckenham. 8. 2. 18.
My dear David,
I usually like to start Friday’s letter on Thursday, but I did not get a ghost of a chance yesterday, and as this is my busy day (it is now 1.45. and I have not done a stroke of my own work) I guess you won’t get much of an epistle, which perhaps is as well as I have no news.
The last two evening I got on with knitting that coat. About halfway through the second front.
Here come a few hindrances, so I had better give up.
It is rather a nuisance, but the final meeting re the Bazaar total figures is to be held at Langham Place next Monday. Tea at 5.30. Now we have a lecture on Motor Insce. at the Institute on Monday at 5.30. Which shall I attend? Guess I shall be putting duty first – as usual. Really I deserve to be put in a stained glass window with a halo round my head and unsightly seams all over me. What glory!
Don’t know what I am doing this weekend. Mrs. Taylor said she would write me, but I have not got the letter yet. If she comes back from Watford I am going to her for the weekend, but they may keep her there till Monday. The weather is so warm, though wet underfoot. It has almost seemed like summer to-day owing to a brilliant sun. O, for a walk (?) across Hayes Common. I didn’t say with you, now, did I?
That slack lime I ordered hasn’t arrived. Must hurry it up to-night.
This letter looks drunk owing to having to take the paper out every now and then, and not having time to put it in properly.
5. 15. I am so glad you are getting better parcels. Mrs. Taylor is sending you the best she possibly can. It is a great joy to her.
This is the weekend that I expect a letter from you, tho’ I don’t always set them during the weekend Expect it will come Monday.
We have almost finished our work. It will be done by 5.30, and so another day got through, and another day nearer you.