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Fanny to Ethel [in USA]    Aug 8 1917

My darling Ethel

This morning I went to the War Office and they had not any more news of David. I took my telegram, that I had received from Geneva Switzerland Red Cross, which they was very pleased to see, and told me they might not heard for a month or two, but I might hear from my son before. And if I did would I kindly let them know at once. I also went to the Red Cross, and showed them the telegram, which they asked me to do, and they was pleased. And told me it was a large camp. I am now sending another per paid telegram to the Red Cross Geneva Switzerland asking if he is wounded badly. The Red Cross said I had heard quickly.

I have done all that can be done, and I am the first one that will receive all news.

I received a post card yesterday, which I have enclosed. Am answering it by this post, telling him David is a prisoner of war at Karlsruhe camp.

I will let you know as soon as I receive any news. I quite know how anxious you are feeling. Every one is very kind to me, and all who knew him are sorry.

I do hope you are all well and still enjoying the change. I am fairly well. Polly sends her love.

Fond love

From Mamma

F Taylor