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Fanny to Ethel [in USA]   Aug 10 1917

My darling Ethel,

Just received your letter.

Now I have good news of David. The enclosed will explain a lot. I went to 84 Queen St and saw the cheque. It was David’s hand writing, and signed well. They told me he could not have been wounded, if so only slight, or he would not be in that camp. He said I could write to him as many letters as I like, but be careful what I put in. I came home and wrote to him at once. I had to go up there again today. And they are going to send him a parcel of eatable, which I paid them for £1-4-0, the 4/- is for the telegram. They send the parcel through Holland. He told he had money enough to buy things in the Camp. Now I am sending him a change of underclothes, and when I get his things I shall send them. Cox’s Bank will send them on to me. I have the list sent me. So now we know David is alive, and many of his officers are in the same Camp. They told me he would only be allowed to write 4 cards a month, but we could write as many as we liked. No newspapers.

So now darling, we must hope and trust that all will be well. I will let you know all I hear of him, as soon as I get any news. I am keeping well. I hope John has returned safely, and the dear children enjoying themselves. I often think of them. Kiss them all for me, and I can see Jean quite grown up. Give the dear child my love. And now dearie try and enjoy the end of your stay. My love to you both

From your loving


F Taylor