May to David                     Beckenham                        7.10.18

My dear David,

I had planned a busy weekend thus:- Saturday off; do up the front garden for the winter in morning; back garden in afternoon; knitting in evening. Sunday; cemetery in morning; dig up grave and leave loose for the frosts; see Helen about the Jersey I made Billy a year ago, to try to do it up for this winter.

What happened was this:- Saturday morning, wet; Saturday afternoon, wet; evening dismal. Sunday, glorious but wet under foot. Saturday morning a letter came from Mrs Taylor saying Mrs Day had gone to her daughter who had a bad cold, and that she would be pleased if I could go over Sunday. Instead of gardening I practiced being domesticated and did beeswaxing. Grand experience. The afternoon and evening were spent in darning holes I had made while walking round Bognor. I almost had to remake two pairs of stockings.

Sunday morning I went to Helen’s. I am going to lengthen the jersey and mend it in places; also going to make gaiters to go with it, and Helen has some red flannel to make the little man some knickers. I have made him a cap. Georgie is staying until Xmas with some relations near Liverpool. He is very happy with them and does not want to go home. Uncle does not seem at all happy now he has retired.

Sunday afternoon I went off to Balham and will be staying there till Mrs Day comes back. Mrs T has been alone since last Wednesday. I don’t think it is right. We went to chapel in the evening which was very lively, being an Anniversary or something. They are always having some special occasions there. I wonder whether it is to please the music conductor and exercise the lungs of the choir. Miss Massey is still in Hampshire. She returns on 14th inst.

I will add a postscript about our current news, so that if the Censor does not approve he can cut it off. Was my last p.c. cut off?

I must tell you this. I read it in the newspaper a little while back. When a Canadian soldier was told the Australians had entered Bethlehem he remarked “I reckon the shepherds are watching their flocks”.

There are grand things going on in Trafalgar Square. Some soldiers have made the square look like a battle field, with trenches, no man’s land, guns etc. In this remarkable place are banks where you can buy War Bonds, but I think if you purchase something like £20,000 worth you need not call, a gun converted to a bank will call on you. Unfortunately I have not sufficient to spare, in spite of my increase, to have a gun call on me. There was some talk about the aircraft guns going off to make it all the more realistic, but I have not heard them. I wonder if they are too rusty to fire.

It is now time I got on with my work. We are not working late.

Dreamt you were home last night. You soon will be.