David to Ginger (Ethel Linn)         Holzminden        Post Card No 14                Oct 5th 1918

I haven’t had a letter from you since I dunno know when. By the way address everything to Braunschweig & not Hanover as we are just over the border & sometimes things get delayed by this. Mum tells me that you are again sending me parcels through Mr Charrington. Thanks very much indeed. Its jolly good of you. Letters & parcels are about all we live for or by here. On my last post card I asked if you could get me the American Engineering News Record for Mar 14th & 21st, but don’t send them on. Please keep them for me. I have your letter of July 15th. Your letters or what’s left of them are most interesting & contain more news than any others I get. With regard to your ball at the bowling green, going quite straight. This sounds very well but…Well having been missed so many times by sleepy pears, tomatoes & such like from you in my youth, I can scarcely credit. I’m sorry, but obviously you must have improved. Lets have some more snapshots when you can.