May to David  18 Manor Road, Beckenham, Kent. 5. 9. 17.

My dear David,

Just a line to say that yesterday morning I received an envelope from you containing your pay book, a letter addressed to Cox’s and one addressed to “Dear Mum”. I took them over to Balham and Mrs Taylor asked me to read her letter to her. From that it appears you wrote to me also, but the letter evidently has been dropped out. At any rate, I know you are getting on alright, are comfortable, and that your wounds  are progressing.               You mentioned your neck for the first time. What is wrong with it, and I don’t know yet which side of your head is damaged. Is your back alright, and what was wrong with it?

I stayed the night with Mrs Taylor, and had a very enjoyable evening, finishing two pairs of socks which Mrs Taylor says I can have for the bazaar. We have arranged to go to-morrow morning to Cox’s bank together. By the bye yesterday’s letter was dated 1st Aug. and is the second we have received. The first one you wrote has not yet turned up.

You are having lots of parcels sent you by your mother which you ought to be receiving by now.

I hear only educational books can be sent you. Would you like any on building? or anything else?

Goodbye for the present,