Dave to May       Sheerness           Wednesday [5th March 1919]

My Darling,

I am here & everything is upside down. The battalion is going to Cannock Chase tomorrow morning, but I am remaining here, together with a number of other officers.

I have found out that they have started demobilisation of officers again & six are going off tomorrow, so “the country looks better” as you said it would & I am beginning to hope again.

I am back in my old billet & got down here & did everything quite comfortably.

As all the men & everyone are going tomorrow it almost looks as though those of us who are left behind will have still less to do, but I cannot tell yet.

We are turned out of our hut as a mess & are all together, at the old place, a tremendous crowd, but I suppose there wont be so many tomorrow.

No time for any more as the post is going.

Goodbye, Darling. Give me one more.