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Fanny to Ethel [in USA]  Aug 5 1917

My darling Ethel,

Last evening I received a telegram from Geneva Switzerland saying Lieut David Taylor reported prisoner Karlsruhe. Red Cross.

I cabled you at once. So that tells us he is alive. I shall go up to the Red Cross (on Tuesday) if I don’t hear any more before. To know if I can ascertain if he is wounded, and I will let you know all. Cousin Charles called this afternoon to know if I had heard any more news of my boy, and he was glad to hear, although he would rather have heard better news (but he was alive). He said he could quite understand how you felt, and you have his sympathy. He is looking better. Miss Massy is here for a few days, she is improving, but slowly, she sends her love.

Now dearie we must try and look on the bright side, and pray that all will be kind to David.

I am keeping fairly well, and I do hope that John and the dear three children are well, likewise yourself.

With fond love

From your loving