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Fanny to Ethel  [in USA] 30 July 1917

My darling Ethel

I feel so sorry, we had the paragraph in the Weekly Times wrong. It belonged to some others, below his paragraph. So as far as we know he is still wounded and missing. I have done all I can to know. So I must wait. But in my own thoughts he is killed. The fighting was dreadful.

I met old Doctor Constable last Thursday he had just returned from a visit to his wounded son, who was in hospital when you was here. He is at the sea near Brighton, just able to get about a little. He has two more in the war.

When I told him about my boy, he said, I am sorry it was his head. He wished to be kindly remembered.

Cousin Charles came to me last week, he had a cold which caused him to stay in, he wished to be remembered. All at Glen Roy are as usual, and greaved at the news of David, every one is. I told Doctor you wanted to come home, and he said tell her not to come, it is too dangerous.

I do hope you are all well and enjoying the change. The Bulfords have shut up their home in Broadstairs, and gone to Nottingham to Auntie Dolly. They could not stand it any longer, so often layed down at nights half dressed. The last raid decided it. Bettie came to dinner on Sunday, she is looking just the same.

The box of chocolates I sent to David on the 6 of July has been returned marked Missing. I know I am not the only Mother who son is gone. As soon as I hear any thing more, I will write to you at once.

I am keeping fairly well.

Polly sends her love.

Give the dear children a loving kiss, and my love to Jean and much to your dear selves.

From your Loving