May to David  Beckenham   30.11.17  Friday

My dear David,

This is payday, and I expect to put by £8 – as usual, or rather, I try to put by £8 each month, but do not always succeed.

We are getting on nicely with the work; in fact we are on that which came up on the 27th, instead of being 2 or 3 weeks behind.

Tomorrow we are selling off the remaining bazaar goods. The sale will take place in my large room between 1 and 3, and of course we are all getting excited. Mrs Kingston is coming. I think we shall supply teas one end of the room.

I have ordered some more photos of myself, including one unmounted one which I will send you in case the previous one went astray. Have not heard from you yet. Your last letter was dated 6th Oct, and I believe I am getting impatient in my old age.

After leaving office tomorrow afternoon Ethel and I are going to Brixton to get her hat. After that I expect I shall pop in at Balham. Maud has asked either Ethel or me to stay with her the following weekend, and we neither want to go. Isn’t it awful? Guess I’ll go to Balham instead. I try to spend every other weekend there if possible.

I have done the back and one front of your waistcoat. Afraid I am very slow. Thank goodness the weather is very mild; but perhaps you are not getting it so warm as we are.

We are having 3 more raffles today. They are fun, but an awful hindrance. Of course I go in for them all, but win nothing.

Cannot stop any longer as I want to write to Mrs Taylor.

By the bye, I have had several letters from Connie Hughes, or rather Mrs Stuart Ringham, lately. She is staying at Dorking with her hubby, except when she was in a nursing home at Reigate. She has had another cyst cut out. She seems to deal in them, poor thing, but keeps awfully cheerful, and is always pitying other people and looking after them.

Really I must leave off now, so Goodbye.