May to David Beckenham 2.9.18 Monday
My dear David,
Last weekend I spent at home. In the afternoon, Saturday, I cut the front grass and trimmed the ferns. The front garden did want doing up and it now looks all the better for it.
Sunday was very windy and rather cold. I pottered about in the house during the morning, looking out the clothes I shall be taking away with me, etc, and in the afternoon and evening I finished reading the book “Blinds Down”. Not a bad tale. It is about a couple of maiden ladies, very grand, and just like Mrs Anstey. They shut their eyes and ears to everything that is horrid. Strictly proper themselves and what people would call very harmless; but alas, those “harmless” folks are not so harmless, or so the Author points out. The tale is worth reading. Ethel came home about 10.0. Sunday morning I slept on till 9.0 much to my horror, and this morning it was 7.25 when I woke up. Don’t know what has got me to sleep like that. Perhaps it is the cooler weather.
I told you last week that Mrs Taylor & I are going to Bognor in a fortnight’s time for a fortnight. We are going to the same boarding house that 2 of the girls have been staying at. They returned to business this morning and look very fit and fatter.
This year I have earned £9.16.- in overtime, so I can afford a holiday, can’t I? I am going down with the idea of seeing about a suitable place for a bungalow.
I do want another letter from you badly, and I missed my hour’s dream of you yesterday morning.
Can’t stop any longer, so Goodbye for a short time.
PS Yesterday I also read the newspapers to see if the war were over. It isn’t, but at the present rate it cannot last much longer. How I do wish I could send you the papers!