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David to May     May 29th 1917

We were up at 4 o’clock this morning.

I was company orderly officer and had to see the men’s breakfasts.

We went for a route march starting at 5.15. We marched out with the band playing and bugles blowing and I guess the good people blessed us for waking them up.

The people in my billet can only speak a few English words so that it took some time and many repetitions to make them understand that I should be moving around about 4 o’clock and that my servant would be coming in about that time.

We only marched about 7 or 8 miles. The country around is pretty flat everywhere and I should imagine in winter time pretty dreary, with plenty of mud, for there are ditches dug everywhere to drain the land. At present however it isn’t so bad as there are a number of trees and everything is green.

We got back about 9 o’clock, had a short rest and then had to parade again for bayonet fighting and drill.

Then I saw that dinner was good and this afternoon being orderly officer I had to take the company to the baths.

The baths are about 1 1/2 miles away and we started at four o’clock and after they had all washed it was near 7 before we got back, so you see we have had a fair day.

Since then I have read through and censored about 30 letters and am now off to bed.



May 29th 1917

My Dearest,

No letters from you today but of course I didn’t really expect one and have had to read through again the three that came yesterday instead.

You’re a darling aren’t you, and I wish I could kiss you goodnight as you say.

One of our fellows in B Company went off on leave this evening and he landed at the end of December so perhaps with a certain amount of luck my turn will come in about a couple of months, and then and then…well come here and be hugged, just to see if we can image what it will really be like.

I am writing this in bed as usual and…Oh alright if I must get in I must.