May to David Beckenham 28.12.17
My dear David,
Being Friday I am writing to you, but unfortunately there is no news. The weather is still cold, with occasional snow showers. Musn’t boast, but I have not had a cold this winter yet, and you know I usually have a terror during the autumn and another in the winter.
Had a letter from Connie this morning. She is still at Dorking. Is alright again after her operation. They had to come up during Christmas on account of burst pipes!
The chief made the telephone girl laugh. He wanted a number on the phone, made a mess of it and then said “As you were”. Did I tell you about David Smith’s yarn? The chaplain was away, so one of the officers took the service. He always was a muddler, and did not surprise anyone when he said “We have done those things which we ought to do and have left undone those things which we ought not to do – as you were”.
Must stop now, so Goodbye. By the bye, I am sure you have a dreadful cold and are wanting a lot of looking after.