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Fanny to Ethel [in USA]  July 26 1917

My darling Ethel

I feel I have not much to write about. Yesterday I went to the War Office, to see if I could get any news of David. Not any. I went then to the Red Cross. I was told they would do all they could. And told me to write to The Director, International Red Cross, Geneva Switzerland and enclose cost of a telegram, which I did at once. And if I heard anything to let them know. And if they heard they would send to me.

I have a list of all his clothing sent to me. And just now while writing to you, the post has just brought a parcel of chocolate I sent him on the sixth, he never received. This is a blow to one. Although I might have expected it. For it is not war. I hope you will try and stay your time at the Lake. It will do you all good. Every body is very kind and the weather likewise.

Auntie Jane and Uncle send their love. I am told Walter Writer is looking ill. I have not seen him since he joined.

Now dear Ethel excuse this, I am feeling tired.

Kiss the dear children for Grannie and love to dear Jean, Polly sends her love.

Much love to you both


Your Loving Mamma

F Taylor