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David to May     May 25th 1917

If you can get hold of one of the privates in Bert’s platoon there is no reason why he shouldn’t give you a full account of what happened.

I certainly do tell you more than the men here write about, (they usually talk about the weather and the health of themselves and the people at home and very little else, which is really a good thing, as there is then no doubt about crossing things out) but if you wrote to one of the men he could probably give you a better account of it than Hebblethwaite can.        I will write myself if you can get the name of a man, but I think that you yourself would probably get more information than I should.

I am sorry Mrs. Muggridge seems so bad, but you can scarcely wonder at it.

I do hope you are getting as much sleep as possible at night as otherwise you will be ill yourself.

I may not be able to write for the next two days or perhaps three as we are moving again and there will be no post tomorrow. I believe we are going right up north into Belgium this time and once you get on a train here you never quite know when you are getting off again.

My Dear, I would give anything to have you in my arms again.