May to David Beckenham 22.12.17 Letter No. 53
My dear David,
Last night I found two letters waiting for me – one from Mrs Taylor containing a lovely pair of grey suede gloves and an invitation to go over this afternoon, and the other from you dated 16th Nov. Two in one week from you! Scrumptious.
At last you admit you were not feeling up to the mark for about 3 months. Of course I knew it, and acted in imagination accordingly. Hope you felt the benefit! I shall not tell Mrs Taylor so; she would only worry, and it seems to me that she is always looking out for something to worry about over you.
I must read all about that bungalow again, and think about it. I don’t suppose we shall be able to afford one directly you come back. There will be too much to do; but I can see I must save more than ever this coming year, which I shall do.
That lovely hoar frost is about over now, and although it is bright there is no sun – a day too good to sit over the fire this afternoon, yet hardly enjoyable enough for walking. I specks if you were here we would go to the theatre this aft. Strange to say I feel no inclination to go to any theatre, concert or other place of amusement without you – not even the pictures! Nor have I practiced the piano since you’ve gone, but my daydreams are more vivid than ever, and they are so lovely.
I know I got a bit thin during July and the first part of August (I thought I might have lost you), but am as fat as ever now, in spite of my morning physical jerks.
Have just finished reading the Money Moon, a really absurd tale, but very well written. It is about an American millionaire who is jilted by an American girl for the sake of a real live Duke, and the same day he sets out on foot and reaches a farm in Kent run by a girl, whom he violently falls in love with on the spot, and marries in about a month, the girl all the time not knowing who he is!
As I want to leave early I must leave off; so Goodbye once again,