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Campbell to David    BEF Field Post Office  1.9.17

Dear Taylor,

I am so very glad to hear you are o.k. though badly wounded. What an awful time you must have had, but its an ill wind etc! I have had a most awfully nice letter from your Mother, which I shall always keep. Also have had two letters, to which I replied, from Miss Muggridge. I am so glad you are o.k. You know I suppose that Smith Butler and Gracie got away. Poor old Heb was killed. Can you tell me anything of Jumbo Munro? Shaw is safe, but we heard that the Batt. is in very good condition. B Company dug out was blown in. However if Shaw is safe there is no reason why Jumbo should not be safe. Jarman and Plum are very well. Cub has gone to the T.M.’s. I have left the Company temporarily as a G [?] to the Bgde – I think it is the best thing to do as my health would not hold out the winter and I don’t suppose there would be much work to do. The weather has been vile but is improving slightly now.

I have had a very nice 10 days leave since I last saw you so I am as pleased as punch!

Goodbye and best of luck

Yours ever

E Campbell