May to David Beckenham, 1. 3. 18.
My dear David,
Just a line to say we are alright, very busy, but not working late. I have no news to tell you. I have
finished that tea-pot cosy, and as it does very nicely am now making another.
March has come in like a lion as it is supposed to do.
I have ordered “The Builders Clerk” from Batsford, to be sent with lists of Everyman & Wayfarers Libraries and catalogue of engineering books, and also a copy of a book I am now reading, “In the twinkling of an eye”. I expect you will think it is’s goody goody book, but it contains some very interesting facts about the Jews.
To-morrow afternoon I am spending with Mrs. Taylor as Mama thinks it will be too cold for me to do gardening again, while on Sunday I particularly want to go to the cemetery to look at those bulbs. The birds have a nasty way of pecking at the bulbs, so I have to go and cover them up every now and then.
Must stop now as it is payday for the temporaries. By the bye I was paid Wednesday and have again invested £10. Looks like beating record this year. Goodbye,