May to David Beckenham 18.3.18
My dear David

[half of page cut by censor]

Saturday evening I did some needlework, and then to bed where I had some lovely dreams about you. In one of the dreams you were in civilian clothes again, and teasing me in such a realistic manner. I was sorry to wake up.
Sunday morning I called on Mac. I had been going to see her for ages. She is going away Wednesday for her Easter holiday. Nothing like starting in good time. She has not altered in the slightest, and looks so well in spite of hard work. In the afternoon and evening I read newspapers, but could not find any news.
We are having beautiful weather, though the wind is rather cold.
Having three girls away owing to illness makes us rather busy; therefore I guess I had better leave off and “get on with it”.
P.S. Since writing above had had £5 bonus given to me. What shall we do with it? Let me think (I am now having tea so have time to think). Yes, we will spend a few days wandering over the Surrey Hills; not directly though, as the leaves are not yet out.