David to May HOLZMINDEN Post card January 17th 1918
I have just had your letter of November 20th today. Re your learning Marine work, I have gleaned the following and hope it may be of some use. The Insurance Institute, 11 Queen Street, E.C. hold classes in insurance subjects and have a very good library of books on insurance and charge only a small fee for same. Also the London School of Law, Lincolns Inn, give instruction by correspondence on various insurance subjects. You did not tell me about this Marine Insurance before. Does it mean that you may get control of the Marine Department and if so, shall you be able to run your present department and the Marine as well? You seem to be fearfully busy. Whatever you do, don’t work too hard and overdo it. Your second photo hasn’t come yet. Will you please tell Mum that you have got this post card as she will be another one short this month, one having already gone to Ethel. Goodbye.