[May’s copy of David’s letter]


David to May 15th May 1917

I have got the morning free so shall be able to catch the post.

People here are still going on leave. They go at the rate of about two a fortnight, so in the course of a few months it will work down to my turn, that is if all leave isn’t stopped again.

I got up this morning thinking I was going on to the rly, as usual, but it was found that two of us were not actually required so I am having the morning off and going down to relieve the others this afternoon.

According to the present plan we not only march back, to our old village, but we do all sorts of attacks and other training on the way, and then when we get there we are to do a whole lot of night operations.

We are going to enjoy ourselves,


I have wandered out of camp and am now lying on a hillside having lovely daydream. I have been thinking of the time at Rottingdean, but this sort of thing only makes our longing for home worse.