May to David 15.3.18
My dear David,
Excuse he red type, but I am filling in headings this morning, having about completed the first portion of the classifications of Investments. Have got on with the work better this year than usual.
Nothing has happened to write about since I last wrote you. We are very busy but I am leaving sharp at 5.30 each evening.
(Maud has just come in and taken up all my ten minutes. But, never mind, she is going to write to you while away at Sutton where she goes tomorrow for a week, and has asked me for an addressed envelope for you. She has her rise to-day which makes her salary £1.12.6.)
I read something rather funny the other day. A resigned husband was saying to his wife “You must be an angel; you are always harping on something, and never seem to have much to wear.” I wonder if you will ever call me an angel. If you do I shall know what you mean.
I have finished reading “Mark of the Beast”. It is the most awful book I have ever read. The author died a few months back. I don’t know what of, but should think gloomy vivid awful imaginations must have something to do with his death. I shall not send the book on to you, but the previous one “In the Twinkling of an Eye” is alright. I lent it to Maud, but after a day or two she returned it unread. I believe she is frightened of reading any books on religion in case her own pet theories are upset. She would not read that book of Russell’s though she had it in her house for several weeks.
It is a lovely day, so bright and cold. I would like to go for a long walk, only if you were here it would be no good going with you, as you would not get far.
Can’t think of anything more to say, so Goodbye for the present.