May to David 18 Manor Road Beckenham 14. 1. 18.
My dear David,
On the way up to business on Saturday I called in at the Churchyard and found the shop where I bought the blouse had some material to match for a skirt, so got some. On the way home I took it to the dressmakers. The dressmaker, by the way, inquired about you. It appears she, or one of the household, used to see you waiting for me. Aren’t folks inquisitive?
In the afternoon I did other shopping locally, and in the evening needlework.
Sunday morning I put on a pair of the stockings I had made. They are comfy and warm, though I don’t yet like the look of them being used to fine ones. Must now buck up and finish the second pair. In the afternoon I went over to Balham and stayed the night. Mrs. Taylor and I sat on the floor in front of the fire and talked and talked all the afternoon and evening, till nearly midnight. She said she did enjoy herself. I know I did. Really she did all the talking. She is a wonder. As a matter of fact I have not actually done any business for her, but she likes to have someone to talk to about it and do the writing, though she always says what she wants put. She had an idea she could not do business, but I made her see yesterday, that she was doing everything, and so far things have been very satisfactory.
Here come the girls, so I must leave off. Give me a kiss; quick. I didn’t say put your moustache in my mouth. What, I shouldn’t have such a big mouth! You cheeky beggar! I won’t write to you any more – today.
P.S. Very surprised to find myself in a white world again this morning. Although freezing it did not seem cold.