May to David 18 Manor Road, Beckenham. 11.1.18.
My dear David,
It is now 4. 30. having tea, and is my first chance of writing. Fearfully busy but enjoying it.
Wednesday evening; got home in time to find half the kitchen ceiling raining beautifully. Couldn’t turn the water off. Something wrong with the tank on top floor. 2 or 3 hours later Ern came home and succeeded in shutting of the water at the main. By bedtime we were able to dispense with punts and punt poles. No casualties.
Thursday morning; saw a pretty violet velvet blouse in shop window in Churchyard. Thought Mama would like it; bought it. Gave it her. She said she felt too dismal to go into colours yet. At the time she was speaking she was wearing dark blue dress and brown overall. So am wearing it myself.
To-morrow Ethel is going to Croydon about a new dress, so I must go home. Have written to tell Mrs. Taylor I will go to see her Sunday and stay the night.
Must not stop any longer, so Goodbye. May.
P.S. I have just heard I have a £10 rise plus 12 ½ % which makes £30. Does that suit your lordship? I have had my Thrift Society interest made up. It comes to £2. 4. 2. What shall we do with it?