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David to May   HOLZMINDEN September 12th 1917

My Dearest,

On Sunday a great and glorious thing happened – your first letter arrived and next day your second came, together with one from Mum and Godwin,

You can imagine how excited I was and how glad to get your letter. I had been worrying as to how long it would be before you heard of me. They have been telling you a lot of rubbish at home. You can write as often and as much as you like and anything you like. Of course everything is censored both ends. So write as often as you can as letters are the one joy of life. Its awfully good of you to go to Balham as you do and I know it must cheer Mum up a lot.

I am sorry Mrs Muggridge doesn’t seem to be as well as she should be — I hope she will get better soon as I know it falls back on you. I am very glad to know that you are at last going for a holiday and I hope you are away now.

Could you send me a book on books on Civil Engineering, one illustrated and dealing with fairly small works particularly works under water such as foundations of wharves, docks, bridges, dams, breakwaters etc. also one on builder’s office routine, (Corse & Co. Theobalds Road, opposite Bedford Row, sell one if you can’t get a better), one on the duties of a clerk of works, and one on the duties of a builder’s foreman. I can’t give you the titles, but Batsford & Co. opposite Holborn Music Hall will give you what I want. Please get the money from Mum. I am repeating all the above.

Thanks very much for the offer of a German Dictionary, but I think I can get that here. As you will see by the address I have moved, but luckily, letters etc. sent to Karlsruhe will be forwarded.

When your letter came I took it away and read it and re-read it until I knew it practically by heart. You see I had looked forward to it so much and then to get it some time before I expected to hear was grand. I think I know about the time when you felt my cheek for I tried for a long time to do it and once it seemed as though I did. Anyway I am glad you have heard of me even if you haven’t had my first letter yet.

I left Karlsruhe on Monday and after a train journey of 21 hours arrived here. The camp is in rather a fine position being practically surrounded by hills at a distance of 2 or 3 miles and there are some really fine views. Unfortunately this is an absolutely new camp and we are the first in it and things are not yet running as no doubt they will later.

My ear is just about the same. The discharge from it is still going on, but I think it is slightly better, I have not yet seen a doctor here but I think I am tomorrow.

Like you I have many dreams of the future and they are very very happy ones and I know they will come true.

I am writing to Mum as usual, will you please forward it.

There was I believe an account of our capture in one of the papers, probably The Daily Mail, I wish you would save it for me, it would probably be published about July 12th or 13th.

It is nearly time for “lights out” so I must get to bed and – well, you know. I am glad to have had your letters but now I want a photo. Goodbye. David