May to David                     Beckenham                        11.11.18

My dear David,

I expect this will be the last letter I shall address to Holzminden, and I guess it will not reach you, as I hope you will be here before then.

Saturday was Lord Mayor Show Day, and a grand show it was. The day was glorious and cold, just the very day for new winter clothes, and there were plenty of them to see. I saw a good deal of the Show lined up Moorgate & Coleman Streets, London Wall etc. I left early, took Underground from Moorgate St to London Bridge, & caught the 12.43 to New Beckenham. We had the compartment to ourselves all the way. Then I went to Auntie’s. Both Auntie and Helen gave me £1 towards our Sale for the Blind. I said I would buy something for them, but they don’t want their money’s worth!

In the afternoon I did some gardening, and in the evening I did my week’s mending, like an angel.

Sunday was dull. In the morning I cleaned my bottom drawer contributions the girls had given me – silver spoons and tea knives. In the afternoon I went to Balham where I stayed the night. I practiced while over there, and what do you think I played? You will never guess, so I will tell you – the Wedding March and Home Sweet Home.

This is Monday – one of the most memorable days for Great Britain. Since 11.0 the noise has been deafening. We are letting half staff off this afternoon. Of course it is the news that the armistice has been signed, and we shall get our prisoners home at once. The thought makes me want to dance on my head. Guess I had better change the subject for fear of shocking the Censor.

When I told Mrs Taylor yesterday that it looked as if you might be home any day now she calmly said “Then I had better put a hot water bottle in his bed and air it well.” I always thought I was practical and undemonstrative, but –

Goodbye for a few days. The other day I was counting the weeks till your return, so I told you in a letter; now I am counting the days. Isn’t it grand?