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Fanny to Ethel [in USA]   Balham    9 July 1917

My darling Ethel,

I was glad to get your letter on Friday last. It was 18 days coming, I shall send it on to David, and he will be able to answer about the jacket.

He is moving again, and he told me he might not be able to write for several days, but I was not to worry. He was well and had been playing football.

No doubt you will know before this reaches you that we had another visit of the Air Devils. Yes and close home, but no damage was done here. It is a trying time for all. If all is well I am going to spend a weekend with Frances Bruming at Chesham, going on Wednesday and returning Monday morning. Polly will be here and Nelly and her baby until I come back. I cannot say if Auntie and Uncle worry very much about Minnie, you see it’s been years coming, and they did not heed what her Doctor told them. So now there is no cure, although she is under another specialist. I don’t know how many that makes since they moved. I am sorry for her. But I do not think she would have been so bad if she had done what Dr Constable order he to do. Go out in the mornings all weathers come in and rest and out again, to keep out in the air. She took his medicine, and never went outside the door more than she could help, and now she cannot go out alone. I don’t go over there very often, I find plenty to do. Auntie is looking very well, she still goes to hospital for the light and massage. The rest are well. Cousin Charles is back from Plymouth, I have not seen him. I hear he is well. I heard this morning the damage was bad up his way.

I am pleased to say Auntie Bessie is quite her old self again. And in her letter to me, I was to be sure to give her love and a kiss to the dear children. Sophia nerves are bad through these raids, her nerves have not been good since her operation, otherwise she and Alf are well.

Your dear children will sleep better when the winter comes, so don’t trouble, as long as they are well. But you seem run down. The lovely sea and country will do you all good. Nellie’s is a good baby girl, she cannot walk alone, yet, she can talk a little.

I am well and Polly likewise.

I do hope you have got some help. Hoping you all will enjoy yourselves, my love to all.

From your Loving


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