04.04.17 OverSeas Tobacco Club 1

04.04.17 OverSeas Tobacco Club 2

A soldier in David’s platoon has written to David’s sister in the USA to thank her for cigarettes

Thursday 4th April [1917]

Dear Friend,

Just a few lines to let you know that I have received a issue of cigarettes from the Over Seas Club Tobacco Fund of which you have been subscribing to and got your address out of the cigarette case and I thought it was my duty to write and thank you for the way you are helping us lads through this Great Campaign so I hope you will not be offended for me taking this liberty in writing to you. I send my address
Stretcher Bearer Groves 11466, 16 Platoon, D Coy, 2nd KRR, British Ex. Force, France,
hoping I am not asking too much I would like you to write me a few lines in answer to this letter so that I know you have received it safe, so close with Best Respect and every success in the future.

Believe Me

Yours Sincerely

S.B. Groves