May to David Balham 2.8.18
My dear David,
What do you think? Your highly respectable and much esteemed Aunt Maria deliberately winked at me the other day – last Wednesday evening it was, about 7.30. Shall I ever recover from the shock, I wonder? No small wonder that, later on in the evening when I was helping to put the supper, and Mrs Taylor said “You have not put the whiskey on the table” I replied “I did not think there was any left”. Your Aunt pretended to look horrified at me then. O, these pious Aunts!
Yesterday Mrs Taylor & Mrs Christmas left about 4.30 for Watford, and I found Mrs Day in charge. She did not look so well as usual, and when I asked her she said she had a wretched cough that kept her awake at night time, so I asked her to try some ovaltine. It acted like magic. She has scarcely coughed since, and consequently had a good night. She looks all the better this morning. She has promised to take some more during the day. It is very soothing. Can I send you any? Or haven’t you got a cough?
A post card came from you, dated about 23rd June, yesterday, and we were so glad to have it. To-morrow afternoon I shall pop home to see if there is anything from you awaiting me. Hope so.
We are opening our West End Branch on 23rd August, and I shall have to supply two girls, one a senior and the other a junior. We have engaged two new ones to take their places. More training to do.
A lot more work has come in, so that I shall have to put in a little overtime next week, but I don’t expect to stay later than 7.0 any night.
The weather has turned awful again. Thank goodness, as then no one minds staying late.
I must not stop any longer, so Goodbye once again.