From 28th July 1914 until 11th November 1918 a global war was fought, centred in Europe, known as the World War or the Great War. In America it was initially called the European War. On the approach to the Second World War, the Great War became known as the First World War, World War I (WWI or WW1).
The war cost nearly 9 million lives and nearly 30 million casualties or missing on both sides.

Key dates in this compilation:

Battle of Ypres Oct/Nov 1914
David joined up December 1915
Battle of Somme July/Nov 1916
Battle of Arras April/May 1917
Battle of Nieuport Bains 10th July 1917
David is PoW 10th July 1917 til 11th Nov 1918
David home to Balham in London 19th Dec 1918
David demobilised 28th March 1919

Notes on the Author

Aura Catherine Hargreaves

Aura Catherine (Kate) Hargreaves, Compiler and Editor of ‘My Dearest’, is David’s and May’s grand-daughter and lives in the house that they built in Beckenham.  She has over 30 years’ experience publishing, editing and writing for B2B magazines. She is an experienced public speaker and is available to create and speak with power point presentations, to include readings from the letters, and talking about the archive source material. Temporary displays the original letters, photographs and documents will also be considered.

WW1 Letters: Who’s who

David Henry Taylor = brother to Ethel (Ginger), son to Fanny

Ginger = Ethel Linn (nee Taylor), David’s sister, married to John, living in New Jersey, mother to Erl and Jack, old school friend of May’s

Fanny Taylor = mother to David and Ethel (Ginger), nee Christmas

Peter = David’s dog

May (Mabel) Muggridge = David’s “Dearest”, sister to Bert and Ern and Ethel

Bert Muggridge = Hubert, May’s younger brother

Ethel Muggridge= May’s sister

Ern Muggridge = Ernest, May’s older brother

W Rushbrooke = David’s old headmaster at St Olave’s

Edward Campbell ‘B’ Coy 2nd KRRC = David’s senior officer

WW1 Letters: Where and What

56 Ramsden Rd, Balham = home to David and Fanny Taylor

18 Manor Rd, Beckenham = home to May and Muggridge family

246 Aycrigg Ave, Passaic, New Jersey = home to Ethel (Ginger) and Linn family

5 Moorgate St, 5th Floor, London EC1 = May’s office, Northern Assurance

2nd Battalion, Kings Royal Rifle Corps (KRRC): David was a 2nd Lieut in this battalion

7th Battalion, Queen’s Own (Royal West Kent Regiment): Bert was a signalman in this battalion

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