Prisoner of War 1917-1918

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20th Nov 1918 Transport difficulties

David to May                     Holzminden                        Nov 20th 1918

My Dearest,

Until today I had not had a letter from you since I last wrote to you. Today two came uncensored, or rather uncensored on this side, although our people had had a go at them, so now I am in clover again. From them I imagine you have my letters of Sept 1st and 15th. Of course everything at present is delayed owing to transport difficulties. It is splendid new that you have your bonus doubled & also have it anti-dated. Mum, in her last letter, said that she was sending me a parcel in which you had included a package. Now I am itching to get that parcel to see what it is. I am also anxious to get the book parcel from the Educational people. Thanks very much for sending them the form. I am awfully disappointed about that enlargement of your photo, but you will have to get one done by somebody else for I must have one. It is too good of you to stay with Mum each time Polly is away & she is left alone. I’ll never be able to thank you enough, & from her letters Mum appreciates it just as much. Again as you are at present only doing twice as much work as you should be doing you must needs add to it by getting up another bazaar. I think its a great idea & I hope you get very much more than your proposed £100 but still I hope you won’t overdo things & knock yourself up. As regards the “hearers” at my class, of course they keep away & indeed I find that they are very keen indeed & as regards your ckeeking me it doesn’t seem to make any difference at all whether I am a safe distance or otherwise I get it all the same. Anyway by the time you get this I hope I shall be with you again & perhaps the distance won’t be so safe then, for I’ll be able to exact the strict & proper penalties. Don’t you wish it may be so. I do, I am longing for you again more than ever. The last few days (since we heard that the thing had been finally signed) have seemed endless & now I am all ready to get up & walk out the moment the order comes. Nobody of course knows when we are going yet or how we are likely to go. May it be quickly.



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