All the letters in this section are from David Henry Taylor in Sheerness to May Muggridge and are written between 14th Feb 1919 and 27th March 1919.

14th Feb 1919 Out in a week

David to May                     Sheerness                           [14th ] Feb 1919 Friday Darling, I got here with very little trouble & so far have been fortunate. First of all I went to report myself & while Talking to the Adjutant (I could not see the Colonel) I asked him to get the Z15 form signed. When [...]

15th Feb 1919 Army of Occupation

David to May                     Sheerness                           Saturday [15th Feb 1919] Darling, This morning I went & saw the doctor & that is the total amount of my day’s work. Seem to be earning my money, don’t I? He said my heart was strained a little, but that was nothing very serious. Just before going into [...]

16th Feb 1919 Earned my salary

David to May                     Sheerness           Sunday [16th Feb 1919] Darling, Got up a bit early this morning in order to get your letter sooner. Of course I was later than yesterday, but I mean early for Sunday. It wasn’t foggy here yesterday except at sea, but otherwise it was quite fine. I wish you [...]

17th Feb 1919 Sir Francis Younghusband

David to May                     Sheerness                           Monday [17th Feb 1919] My Darling, Another fearfully busy day. I went down this morning to see if there were anything to be done & was told that there was nothing, & would not be until tomorrow. I then went back to the mess & was told that an [...]

19th Feb 1919 A route march

Dave to May                       Sheerness           Wednesday [19th Feb 1919] My Darling, I do hope you didn’t get wet yesterday or caught cold. I am very glad the back work is better & that there is a possibility of getting level with it this week. I wish you hadn’t to stay late. Never mind you [...]

5th March 1919 Left behind

Dave to May       Sheerness           Wednesday [5th March 1919] My Darling, I am here & everything is upside down. The battalion is going to Cannock Chase tomorrow morning, but I am remaining here, together with a number of other officers. I have found out that they have started demobilisation of officers again & six [...]

6th March 1919 Sickening not knowing

David to May                     Sheerness                           Thursday [6th March 1919] My Darling, I got your letter this morning, you do write nice letters & just when I want them. I am very sorry you have several girls away, as I know that means harder work for you. Muriel does seem to be having a bad [...]

17th March 1919 Sea View Terrace

David to May                     Sheerness                           Monday [17th March 1919] My Darling, I got down here fairly comfortably, stopped at most stations but eventually arrived at 2.30. Went along & reported myself & then went straight to the demobilisation officer. He said no orders had come through yet, but that they were waiting for a [...]

18th March 1919 Doing nothing

David to May                     Sheerness                           Tuesday [18th March 1919] My Darling, No letter from you today. I expect you didn’t get time to write yesterday or else they are playing about with your letters in the post. I did want one too. This morning I woke up pretty early & then lay & tried [...]

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