10th Sept 1918 Iron tipped shoes

May to David Beckenham Letter No 165 10.9.18 Tuesday My dear David, Last Friday on the way home I called at the butcher’s and paid the bills, then I called for two pairs of shoes I had left the previous week to be mended, and found the blighters have put on rubber heels, instead [...]

6th Sept 1918 Retiring to Bognor

May to David Beckenham 6.9.18 My dear David, Yesterday morning, just as I was mentally giving away worlds to get a letter from you, one came – for nothing. It was dated 1st August. Those missing two I am afraid have gone for ever. Now for answering the main points, though I have not [...]

4th Sept 1918 G.M.’s wife

May to David Beckenham 4.9.18 (Wednesday) My dear David, I have one small item of news for you this time. Yesterday the General Manager sent for me and spoke about the new girl he was to have, as his girl is off to our West End Branch, as I told you. Then he asked [...]

2nd Sept 1918 Weekend at home

May to David Beckenham 2.9.18 Monday My dear David, Last weekend I spent at home. In the afternoon, Saturday, I cut the front grass and trimmed the ferns. The front garden did want doing up and it now looks all the better for it. Sunday was very windy and rather cold. I pottered about [...]

1st Sept 1918 Barbed Wireitis

David to May Holzminden Letter No 29 Sept 1st 1918 My Dearest, It was good of you to go and stay with Mum while Polly was away, and please thank Mrs Muggridge very much indeed for packing you off as you call it. From certain of your letters I imagine everybody at home, as [...]

1st Sept 1918 Shirts to sheets

David to Ginger (Ethel Linn) Holzminden Post Card No.13 Sept 1st 1918 I haven’t heard from you for well over a month. Mum tells me that you still have a particular longing to stop people bleeding by tying knots in them, as in the old days of the first aid classes. I shouldn’t if [...]

30th Aug 1918 Knickerbocker suit

May to David Beckenham 30.08.18 My dear David, Last night and the night before I worked till 8.30, then in my dreams you tried to be cross with me, so I promptly turned my back on you, only to be as promptly turned round again by you. And then we spent a lovely time [...]

28th Aug 1918 Campbell wounded

May to David Beckenham 28.8.18 My dear David, I have not much to write about to-day. The weather has turned pretty awful, but as the newspapers continue to contain excellent news no one minds. Fancy no one grumbling at the weather! Yesterday Mrs Day went to the East End and stayed the night, so [...]

28th Aug 1918 St Olave’s news

W Rushbrook to David St Olave’s Grammar School Aug 28 1918 Just a line, my dear David, not so much because I have anything to tell you and because your mother has just sent me your address and this is the best acknowledgment I can give. I have just come from Victoria where I [...]

26th Aug 1918 Maud’s return

May to David Beckenham Letter No 159 26.8.18 My dear David, On Friday it turned wet, and when I went to put my umbrella up I found I had broken it. I didn’t get very wet though. On Saturday morning there was a reply from Bognor. The earliest date I could go there would [...]