6th March 1918 Blustering Chief

May to David Beckenham. 6. 3. 18. My dear David, The weather has improved tremendously. Maples have sent me my dividend with a bonus of nearly £3. The country seems full of money, and there is more work than folks to do it. I have done about 5 inches of my stockings. The knitting [...]

4th March 1918 Bald headed fossil

May to David Beckenham. 4. 3. 18. My dear David, Saturday was an intensely cold and boisterous but bright day. Went to Office in the morning, and to Balham in the afternoon. Was greeted with a lovely smell of home made sausages and apple tarts just taken out of the oven. They tasted as [...]

2nd March 1918 Parcel from Harrods

David to Ginger (Ethel Linn) Post Card No. 7 Mar 2nd 1918 The last letter I had from you was dated Nov 24th since when I have had no other and I am wanting letters, so you might write as often as possible. By the way I hope you get these cards. I write [...]

1st March 1918 Books ordered

May to David Beckenham, 1. 3. 18. My dear David, Just a line to say we are alright, very busy, but not working late. I have no news to tell you. I have finished that tea-pot cosy, and as it does very nicely am now making another. March has come in like a lion [...]

1st March 1918 Weser walks

David to May HOLZMINDLN March 1st 1918 Letter No. 18 My Dearest, The waistcoat has come and is just splendid, even better than the first one. It is so nice and long and fits like a glove (how did you manage to get it to fit like this) and seems to hug me. I [...]

28th Feb 1918 Rationing in London

Fanny Taylor to Ethel (Ginger) Linn 56 Ramsden Road Balham London SW12 Feb 20th 1918 My darling Ethel, I told you I would let you know when I got a letter from David. Well I received one last night dated Jan 2. This is part of it. “On Xmas day we had dinner, nine [...]

27th Feb 1918 Lord Milner’s mistake

May to David Beckenham. 27. 2. 18. My dear David, This morning your letter of 2nd Jan. arrived, and you did succeed in making it sound jolly. It contained an account of your Xmas dinner. I should like to have seen that feast and particularly to have heard your speech. As it was 4 [...]

26th Feb 1918 Looting in office

May to David Beckenham. 26. 2. 18. My dear David, Friday afternoon I left a little early, and so pleased Mama. Before leaving Miss Carter asked me if she could come up the next day (it was her Saturday off) instead of the one after (which was mine) as she wanted to go to [...]

22nd Feb 1918 Day off

May to David Beckenham. 22. 2. 18. My dear David, This is letter No. 82 I believe. Wednesday evening I finished knitting the body of the woolly coat, and now I only have the collar to do, buttons to make, and sewing, together, and then it is done! And I shall be ready to [...]

20th Feb 1918 Nothing has happened

May to David Beckenham, Kent. 20.2.18. My dear David, Our glorious bright cold frosty weather has changed. It changed last night. Now it is misty, drizzling and not nearly so cold. Nothing has happened since I last wrote you. We are very busy, but not staying late. We are all keeping in good health, [...]