1st Oct 1918 Bangers

David to May Holzminden Letter No 31 Oct 1st 1918 My Dearest, Just had two lovely letters from you, Aug 9th & 21st. I am glad Ethel has guessed how things stood between us & its awfully good of her to offer to make things for you. By the result of Mum’ gooseberry bushes [...]

29th Sept 1918 The Bishop’s potatoes

May to David Bognor 29.9.18 Sunday My dear David, I don’t expect I’ll get much time to write you tomorrow, therefore am taking the opportunity today. The weather is awful today, the first bad day we have had on our holiday. It looked grey when we got up this morning. After breakfast we walked [...]

27th Sept 1918 Palmist on pier

May to David Bognor 27.9.18 Friday My dear David, Yesterday morning your letter of August 15th arrived, just as I was coming to the conclusion all sorts of things were happening to you. When your letters are overdue I do think silly things. Now i am skyhigh again. Your letter of March 15 is [...]

25th Sept 1918 Silly sensational rubbish

May to David Bognor 25.9.18 Wednesday My dear David, Here we are sitting on a lovely beach (stones not padded though) with the sinking sun shining on our faces & scarcely a cloud to be seen. It is heavenly. It only wants you in the flesh to make it complete. (Am I growing poetical, [...]

23rd Sept 1918 Bognor thunderstorm

May to David Bognor 23.9.18 Monday My dear David, In my last letter I told you Mrs Taylor has just gone off to Watford because her brother Alfred was ill. I have had a letter from her to say the funeral takes place today & that she will return tomorrow. Her train gets in [...]

20th Sept 1918 Bognor boarding house

May to David Bognor 20.9.18 Friday My dear David, We are having April weather with March winds thrown in & these are blowing all the cobwebs off my brain. Yesterday morning we walked to Nyetimber & Pagham, two nice little villages – very small. Pagham boasts of a church & that is the biggest [...]

18th Sept 1918 By the seaside

May to David ‘Sealands’ Aldwick Rd Bognor 18.9.18 Wednesday My dear David, Here we are sitting on the shore, with the tide up & all! I missed writing you Monday. I really had not the time. On Saty I went to Balham as arranged & decided where to meet Mrs Taylor on the Monday. [...]

15th Sept 1918 Sunday School teacher

David to May Holzminden Letter No 30 September 15th 1918 My Dearest, Yesterday was a great day with me, in as far as I received four letters from you all together. Of course at the time I like receiving them in batches but afterwards I would much rather they came singley, as I know [...]

13th Sept 1918 Old Jamaica Rum

May to David Beckenham 13.9.18 My dear David, I have not much to say to-day, but expect my next letter will be more interesting as it will be written from Bognor. This afternoon I want to leave a little early and do some shopping on the way home. Also I want to leave early [...]

11th Sept 1918 Muriel’s letter

May to David Beckenham 11.9.18 Wednesday My dear David, This morning I called at London Bridge and inquired about trains to Bognor, and find there is one at 1.50 change at Barnham, the station before Bognor. I guess we will go by that. It gets down at 4.0. In my last letter I referred [...]