The first letter in this section is one from May Muggridge to David Henry Taylor dated 9th July 1917 but returned marked ‘Missing 10/7/17’. The last letter is from Fanny Taylor to Ethel Linn dated 18th Aug 1917.

17th July 1917 David is Missing

Fanny to Ethel [in USA]              56 Ramsden Road, Balham, London SW12      17 July 1917   My darling Ethel, I know you feel like I do, sad at heart, of the new of our David. I cabled as soon as I know it, which was Monday morning. It was in that dreadful battle of [...]

18th July 1917 Fate of the 2nd Battn KRR

Fanny to Ethel [in USA]     18 July 1917 My darling Ethel The enclosed is a copy of a letter [from Edward Campbell] I received this morning. I know you will like to know all. And that I will try to do. I feel I have nothing more to write about. Do hope you [...]

23rd July 1917 Murder

Fanny to Ethel [in USA]  23 July 1917 My darling Ethel I was so pleased to get your letter, and to know the air is better for you just now. I was not surprised to hear about the maid. At present girls are much of a muchness here. I know you must have [...]

26th July 1917 No news

Fanny to Ethel [in USA]  July 26 1917 My darling Ethel I feel I have not much to write about. Yesterday I went to the War Office, to see if I could get any news of David. Not any. I went then to the Red Cross. I was told they would do all [...]

27th July 1917 David is prisoner

Fanny to Ethel [in USA] 27 July 1917 My darling Ethel I see in this week’s Weekly Times (this morning) that David is a prisoner in German hands. I do hope they will be kind to all of them. I am fairly well. Polly likewise. Hoping all is well with you all. My [...]

30th July 1917 Still wounded and missing

Fanny to Ethel  [in USA] 30 July 1917 My darling Ethel I feel so sorry, we had the paragraph in the Weekly Times wrong. It belonged to some others, below his paragraph. So as far as we know he is still wounded and missing. I have done all I can to know. So [...]

5th August 1917 Telegram

Fanny to Ethel [in USA]  Aug 5 1917 My darling Ethel, Last evening I received a telegram from Geneva Switzerland saying Lieut David Taylor reported prisoner Karlsruhe. Red Cross. I cabled you at once. So that tells us he is alive. I shall go up to the Red Cross (on Tuesday) if I [...]

6th Aug 1917 Campbell to May

Edward Campbell to May    6 Aug 1917   B.E.F. Dear Miss Muggridge, Thank you for your letter. I got such a nice strong letter from Mrs Taylor about her son. Her view of the loss was so brave and one that other people might do well to copy. How bravely she is taking it. [...]

8th Aug 1917 Visiting War Office

Fanny to Ethel [in USA]    Aug 8 1917 My darling Ethel This morning I went to the War Office and they had not any more news of David. I took my telegram, that I had received from Geneva Switzerland Red Cross, which they was very pleased to see, and told me they might [...]

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