Letter 15th Sept 1915

WW1 Letter 15th Sept 1915 David Henry Taylor in London to Ginger (Ethel) Linn in USA WW1 research: Zeppelins, damage in London, insurance     Dear Ginger, I have just returned from a holiday at Brighton and have had a glorious time there. Mum went to Chesham and afterwards to Watford and Polly [...]

Zeppelins over London 4th Nov 1915

David to Ginger 56 Ramsden Rd, Balham Nov 4th 1915 Dear Ginger, Again we have had the Zeppelins, this time I was fortunate enough to have a very good view of the whole thing, (a great many people did not see them but only heard them). It happened about 9.30. Earlier in the [...]

David Joins Army 28 Dec 1915

David to Ginger Dec 28th 1915 Ramsden Rd London Dear Ginger, Many thanks for the coat hangers, they will be most useful when I get my commission, that is if I do get one. I don’t know if Mum has told you that I have joined the Army. I have joined under Lord [...]

1916 OTC Gidea Park

David to Ginger (sister Ethel, living in USA) Cadet DH Taylor No 7137 Artists Rifles O.T.C. 28th County of London Hare Hall Camp, Gidea Park, Romford Essex Date Unknown, Year Doubtful Dear Ginger, It is your birthday within a fortnight I think and I am enclosing a small brooch to replace that other [...]

28th Sept 1916: T Square Lodge & Zepps

David to Ginger Hut 2  Sept 28th 1916 Dear Ginger, Thanks very much for the socks. They fit splendidly and are altogether just all that I want. I am due to go into the school next Monday and shall in all probability be put into an empty house again. It is rather remarkable [...]

24th Jan 1917 David is now an Officer

David to Ginger 24th Jan 1917 Dear Ginger Until last Monday I was on leave, now I am not – alas. I went for my final exam on Dec 19th and managed to get through it and am now a full blown officer or as they put it in the gazette a temporary [...]

6th Feb 1917 David to France

Fanny to Ethel     56 Ramsden Rd                Feb 6 1917 My darling Ethel, Just a line to tell you David started for France, he went off bright and early and it’s a beautiful sunny morning, he is very well. Hoping you are all well and will be kept from harm. With fondest love from [...]

OTC Sunday is a day of rest

David to Ginger Hare Sunday              (probably Oct) 1916 Sunday being a day of rest, I am writing to you. You ought to think yourself highly honoured – I expect you do. They are putting us through our paces thoroughly here and get little or no time to ourselves. I have got quite used [...]

How Britain Prepared

Ginger (Ethel)  to David Somewhere in the U.S.A. Sometime in June (1916) (see post-mark for more definite information!)   Dear Kid, The order re not quoting your address etc is a real brainy one, seeing the powers that be did not order the post office to leave the post-mark off, but it is [...]

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