22nd May 1917 Searching for a billet

David to May     May 22nd 1917 Yesterday we heard from the billeting officer that there were several billets in the town empty, so another fellow and myself went to see them. We went to several and it was rather fun interviewing the various ladies whose rooms they were. The other man would ask [...]

23rd May 1917 German prisoners

David to May     May 23rd 1917 Today we have had a picnic, they told us it was a route march, but they really meant a picnic. We started off at 8 o'clock this morning and marched over the hills and far away along a dead straight road. Any number of these French roads [...]

24th May 1917 Lazy day

David to May     May 24th 1917 I have had a lazy day today. All the other officers had to go out to do an outpost scheme and as I had been one of the small party [censored] I had to take the company out for a route march. I marched them down to [...]

24th May 1917 Hebblethwaite

David to May     May 24th 1917 I am enclosing Hebblethwaite's reply to my letter. He gives no further information and doesn't appear to have been near Bert at the time. Bert must have done awfully well to get as far as he did. I am sorry I am able to get no more [...]

25th May 1917 North into Belgium

David to May     May 25th 1917 If you can get hold of one of the privates in Bert's platoon there is no reason why he shouldn't give you a full account of what happened. I certainly do tell you more than the men here write about, (they usually talk about the weather and [...]

25th May 1917 Man lost swimming

David to May     May 25th 1917 We were threatened with an early parade this morning in order to take the men to the baths, but this was cancelled at the last moment and they were sent to refit with new clothing, In consequence we didn't parade until 9 o'clock and then marched over [...]

26th May 1917 Pretending to be Germans

David to May     May 26th 1917 We were up at 5 o'clock this morning and started off at 6.30. We were to be Germans for the time being and were to be attacked by the remainder of the battalion! The idea was that we were being driven through a big wood. Two platoons [...]

27th May 1917 Train journey

David to May     May 27th 1917 We were up at 3 o'clock this morning, got everything packed and loaded on to the wagons and marched off at 6.30. This time we got breakfast, in fact we did everything pretty comfortably. We marched to the station got the men into the train, loaded [...]

27th May 1917 Love letter

David to May     May 27th 1917 My Dearest, I found two letters waiting for me here today (20th, 21st and 22nd combined) and two such lovely long letters too. You say you don't think you will be able to write and then you snatch every opportunity to do so. You really are the [...]

29th May 1917 Up at 4 o’clock

David to May     May 29th 1917 We were up at 4 o'clock this morning. I was company orderly officer and had to see the men's breakfasts. We went for a route march starting at 5.15. We marched out with the band playing and bugles blowing and I guess the good people blessed us [...]