10th July 1917 White heather for luck

Note. David did not receive this letter: it was returned by the BEF May to David    Tuesday 10 July 1917  [returned marked Wounded and Missing] My dear David, Such a shame. The compartment filled up at Beckenham this morning. I caught the 8. 30. because we are so busy and I asked all [...]

9th July 1917 Guns going all afternoon

Note. David never received this letter: it was returned from the BEF May to David  Monday 9 July 1917 [returned marked Missing 10/7/17] My dear David, At last we are in the 8.46, well up front, all to our two little selves, and I don’t think anyone would want to come in, as [...]

9th July 1917 Air Devils

Fanny to Ethel [in USA]   Balham    9 July 1917 My darling Ethel, I was glad to get your letter on Friday last. It was 18 days coming, I shall send it on to David, and he will be able to answer about the jacket. He is moving again, and he told me he [...]

7th July 1917 I may be home by September

David to May July 7th 1917 I got your letter. (3rd) just as I came off duty about 2 A.M. this morning, so that I almost had two letters in one day. I crawled into my bunk, stuck a candle up just behind my head and then went over two or three times [...]

6th July 1917 In the fighting

May to David       Friday 6 July 1917 My dear David, We are on the 8.30 but there is no room for you to lie in your favourite position. There is no word from War Office so we are postponing our visit to Somerset House. Heard from Maud last night. She is evidently shocked [...]

6th July 1917 Leave comes slowly

David to May     July 6th 1917 My Dearest, Just got your Sunday and Monday letters combined. You read my letters just as I intended you to read them. I am sorry you have another girl away with the same old thing and in your own department too. Tom Gayford probably got leave sooner [...]

5th July 1917 Bert’s Will

May to David    Office  5 July 1917 My dear David, 1.30 and this is the first opportunity I have had of writing to you. I had to go with Ern this morning as he was taking up our deed box, and wanted someone to see he did not forget it or drop it [...]

5th July 1917 Russians

David to May   July 5th 1917   My Dearest, Just got your letter (Sunday) all about your journey to Somerset House. You poor little girl, what an awful time you are having. I am sorry to hear Mrs Muggridge is still so slowly recovering. Look here don’t worry too much yourself. You are [...]

4th July 1917 Sugar is scarce

Fanny [David’s mother] to Ethel [David’s sister in USA]    Balham    4 July 1917 My darling Ethel, I expect you are all out enjoying the lovely sunshine with your dear children. Have you anyone to help you. For seaside is work with children, and their many wants. Yet I do hope you will all [...]

4th July 1917 Don’t expect a letter

David to May   July 4th 1917 I have just found that there is a possibility of this getting posted to you and I have about 2 minutes to scribble it. Haven’t done anything very exciting the last two days. Yesterday we had a parade in the morning and then a night march. Today [...]