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30th Nov 1917 Pay day

May to David  Beckenham   30.11.17  Friday My dear David, This is payday, and I expect to put by £8 – as usual, or rather, I try to put by £8 each month, but do not always succeed. We are getting on nicely with the work; in fact we are on that which [...]

28th Nov 1917 Piano dealer

May to David    Beckenham    28.11.17 My dear David, After waiting for Ethel 3 quarters of an hour I gave up, and went home. Just as she was coming away her chief sent for her and gave her more work. Chiefs ought not to be allowed to do these things. So I went [...]

27th Nov 1917 Drying matches

May to David  5 Moorgate St. EC2    27.11.17 My dear David, I left the office at 5.15 last night and bought some shoes on the way home. For years I had promised myself some velvet ones, but have always forgotten them when buying, and so had the leather time after time. I forgot [...]

26th Nov 1917 Thinking of Xmas

May to David  5 Moorgate St, London EC2    26.11.17 My dear David, I was in hopes of writing you a nice long letter today, but alas, it will be short again, unless I stay late, which I don’t want to do as I wish to get on with the waistcoat. How I would [...]

24th Nov 1917 Knitting waistcoat

May to David   Beckenham   24.11.17 My dear David, I was too busy to write yesterday, and so I am today really. Last night after leaving office I went to Polytechnic to get some more programmes to send to those who helped us, and today I have sent them off. I have already handed [...]

21st Nov 1917 Tour with clergyman

May to David    Beckenham  21.11.17 My dear David, I did not have time to finish my last three letters to you, so as I have arrived at the office early will make another attempt. This is part of Mrs Heberden’s letter which I received yesterday:- “Dear Miss Muggridge, You were so very kind [...]

20th Nov 1917 Marine Insurance

May to David  Beckenham   20.11.17 My dear David, Yesterday’s letter ended rather abruptly, and so I expect will this. I can’t catch up with the work. The Insurance Institute is now opened to women, so there was a lecture last night on Marine Insurance I went with one of my girls. The lecture [...]

19th Nov 1917 Buried in dugout

Mrs Heberden to May  The Grange, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham      Nov.19.17 Dear Miss Muggridge, You were so very kind in letting me know all Mr Taylor was able to tell me about my son’s death on July 10 that I should like you to know a week ago I received a letter from a [...]

19th Nov 1917 Socks for Princess

May to David    Office.       19.11.17. My dear David, At last I have a little breathing time, though not much owing to work having got fearfully behindhand. The Bazaar which was held at the Polytechnic Headquarters was a great success.              We have taken £130, including money from the Palmist (£15) and donations. As [...]

19th Nov 1917 Bread from Berne

David to Ginger  Holzminden   Nov 19th 1917  Post Card No. 3 I have had your letter of Sept 13th via home, this being the third, also a long epistle “with love and kisses from Erl Linn” and the two photos. Please thank Erl for her letter and ask her to write again. Today [...]