My Dearest

My Dearest

‘My Dearest’ is an archive of over 400 personal ww1 letters between September 1915 and March 1919 plus photos and documents. These letters are easy to read, well written, informative and often humorous.

The two main correspondents are David, a 2nd Lieutenant in the Kings Royal Rifle Corps, and May, his fiancée and the most senior woman working in a large insurance firm in London.

From a vivid description of Zeppelins over London, through officer training camp, a soldier in France and on the Western Front, as a Prisoner of War, and the endless wait to be demobilised, the letters from David provide an almost daily view of a soldier’s life.

The daily life of women during WWI plays a significant part in the letters, covering office politics, voluntary work to support the war effort, domestic and leisure activities, as seen through the eyes of May, David’s mother and sister, friends and family, all hoping for the soldier’s return home.

The 'My Dearest,' Book

The archive has been reproduced as a hardback book, 528 pages and is available by from our Shop

ISBN 978-0-9929965-0-5

There are over 400 ww1 letters in the archive and we plan to show you transcriptions and all the original letters in full on this website by March 2019.
There will be 40 extracts from ww1 letters between Sept 1915 and March 1919 to give you a good overview of the archive and to whet your appetite.
There will be dozens of photographs, post cards and various documents and items from the archive to give you a complete picture of the archive period.